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Why You Should Update Your House Siding or Wall Cladding

Toasty Blogger - November 5, 2019 - 0 comments

Siding or wall claddings are one of the fundamental components of your home, which means that it plays a crucial role that demands maintenance over the years to keep up its plethora of benefits. For one, the wall siding determines the style of your home and can make or mar your property’s curb appeal.

With that in mind, updating the siding of your home is a significant decision that can affect your property’s aesthetic and overall functionality. Unlike other easy-to-do home renovation ideas such as a paint job, installing a new siding will require you to make a massive commitment that can last for as long as 15 years. 

To that end, here are different reasons why you should upgrade your wall claddings and how it is a worthy, long-term investment for your living space: 

Benefit #1: Boost Your Home’s Cosmetic Value

Depending on your choice of material and colour, a wall cladding has the power to freshen up your home’s old look and give it a brighter, well-kempt appearance. The right design can also make your house look good as new, allowing you to maintain its visual appeal for years to come. For instance, a clean, vibrant vinyl siding is one of the best choices for restoring the architectural beautify of historic homes.

Benefit #2: Structural Repair Damage

Structural damages, no matter how minor it may seem, can eventually lead to stressful scenarios as it can cause water leakage. Beyond being vulnerable against rainy days, poor maintenance can also result in cracks in the drywall or studs that deteriorate if left unchecked. With that in mind, upgrading your home’s claddings will not only give it a fresh look but also prevent you from suffering costly consequences in the future. 

Benefit #3: Enhances Energy Efficiency

A new siding tends to increase the insulation from your exterior walls, which means that you can regulate the temperature of your home and reduce energy costs as a direct result. For instance, installing blown-in insulation to the wall cavities can boost up the R-10 insulating value of your building, which can cut back on your utility bills in the long run. In addition to saving on money and energy, wall claddings can also prevent moisture or harsh wind from penetrating the walls.

Benefit #4: Increase Property Value

Updating your exterior property’s siding can be quite an investment. However, every penny spent is worth it as it boosts the value of your home in the long run. This is especially beneficial for those who are planning to sell their homes anytime shortly. 

Beyond improving the exterior quality, fortifying the strength of your home’s walls will protect the building from damage even after the test of time. This enables you to list your property on the market for a higher price. 

Sidings can bring a plethora of benefits to your home, which is why it’s worth the investment. For one, the right choice of material and design can shield your property from harsh elements in the environment, all while saving you on utility costs with its energy-saving features. It also gives your home a vibrant, brand new look, giving its function a much-needed fix-me-upper. 

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