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What to expect

Renovations can sometimes be an inconvenience causing noise, dust and debris. Zumin aims to mitigate these effects by working during regular hours (9am – 6pm), masking off working areas and covering floors/furniture where applicable. However we’re not perfect, below is a list of what to expect with your renovation.


Even with our sealed off rooms dust can still escape creating a thin layer on furniture, TVs and in other rooms of your home. All vents are sealed prior to renovating ensuring to protect HVAC systems from damage and to avoid unnecessary dust circulating through your home.


Drills, saws and hammer cause incessant and often annoying sounds and vibrations. While we attempt to minimize the use of these machines they are an integral part of any renovation. We recommend scheduling renovations when these sounds will not be an inconvenience.

Loss of Use

During kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations or whole home renovations the loss of these rooms is more than likely. We recommend budgeting and planning for easy meal options when doing a kitchen renovation, a central share bathroom during bathroom renovations and alternate living arrangements when doing whole home renovations. We know that renovations are an inconvenience however our dedicated project managers will work with your schedule in order to minimize the duration of such inconveniences.

Project Changes

On reality shows like “Love it or List It” surprises create dramatic moments, in reality these surprises can create panic. Zumin Home Centre anticipates many surprises and plans for them in advance. However change orders can arise during any renovations. We do our best to prepare however until walls are removed it is hard to predict what may arise. We always recommend having a budget of 5-10% of your projects total budget as a contingency.


Zumin Home Centre strives to under promise and over deliver however the world is not perfect and neither are we. With that being said communication is of utmost importance here at Zumin Home Centre and if we predict any delays you will be notified well in advance.


Our designs and consultants will work closely with you to pick out faucets, knobs, tiles, colours, floors and every other decision you will need to make during your renovation however the decision is ultimately yours! Our designers will always provide you with samples to bring home so that you’re able to in-vision what each piece will look like in your home.

What to expect from Zumin Home Centre


Our crews will be on time prepared for the tasks of each renovation day


As homeowners ourselves we can appreciate you wanting a clean and comfortable space. We ensure that each day material is organized, dust vacuumed and spaces cleaned ensuring we respect your property and home.

Professional Courtesy

Our staff are clean, professional and will ensure that they create a friendly and open environment.


This is our number one priority, we sure you’re in the loop. Once your project is started you will be set up through our project management system allowing you to remain connected to everyone during your project. Your dedicated project manager will also be at your disposal; call, email or text anytime!

Trusted Advice

As a company with multiple facets to it’s business our number one goal is to safeguard your money ensuring any renovation investment you make adds to your home not only creating comfort but value as well.


We believe in our work and so we warranty all of our workmanship against defects or errors.