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What to Do With Bad Kitchen Soffits – Kitchen Renovation 101

Toasty Blogger - October 1, 2019 - 0 comments

Kitchen soffits, commonly known as bulkheads, are those boxy structures below your ceiling. They’re there for two reasons: to hide your electrical wiring or fill the unavoidable void between your upper cabinets and ceiling. Most soffits go as large as four to five feet, making them awkward and unsightly. They also tend to make the kitchen look smaller and outdated. 


Soffits are common with older homes when the trend was to buy pre-fabricated cabinet systems rather than building them to match a kitchen’s dimensions. If you’re constructing your house from scratch, you can avoid these bulgy boxes by custom-making your cabinets to reach the ceiling. But if you’re living in a home with soffits, there are ways to remove them. Unfortunately, not all soffits can be removed. In such cases, homeowners use creative ways to disguise them. 


Don’t know how to deal with your kitchen soffits? Read our guide below on how to take them out, along with a list of ideas for concealing them.

Removing Kitchen Soffits

If you plan to get rid of your kitchen soffits altogether, it’s best to consult a professional remodeler or a carpenter before hammering them down. Be sure you don’t damage the circuits or vents hiding behind them. 

If your upper cabinets are touching your soffits, they have to be removed as well. Not all shelves are fastened equally, so make sure to check how they are connected thoroughly. Usually, they are screwed or nailed to the back of the wall. The top part of the cabinets is attached to the underside of the soffits. 


How to Hide Your Kitchen Soffits

If your contractor told you that it’s not safe to remove the soffits, take heart. There are clever ways to hide them to incorporate them into your kitchen’s design. For one, you can make the soffit thicker to act as a neat border around your existing cabinetry. They will look like an extension of the wall itself, creating a more streamlined kitchen design. Another border option is to add crown moulding around your soffits. This is best suited for more traditional or elegant kitchens. 

You can also turn your soffits to look like a beam or pillar. This adds architectural integrity to your kitchen’s overall design. An easy way to do this is by simply painting the soffit a different colour than your walls. You can make the look more cohesive by adding real beams around your kitchen to match your soffits.

In contrast, going monotone can also work well to hide soffits. Paint your ceiling, walls, soffit, and cabinets with the same colour for a cleaner look.

Another option if you can’t demolish your soffits is to remove the cabinets instead. Sometimes, building new shelves that look better with your soffits and match their dimensions can give your kitchen a much-needed facelift.

Some homeowners embrace the idea of having soffits and even highlight them by placing artworks like a linear gallery. It’s not for all, but going bold gives your space a more vibrant, quirky vibe! 

Soffits can be a pain to look at, but there are certainly ways to go around them. Can’t decide between eliminating or keeping your kitchen soffits? Get in touch with us today to discuss your ideas and consult with our experienced builders.

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