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Three Ways to Redesign Your Living Room – Our Guide

Toasty Blogger - August 7, 2019 - 0 comments

The living room is one of the most essential parts of your home. It gives it the distinct character it needs to make it feel like a space where you can live comfortably. However, you’ve probably thought about renovating the living room after seeing the peeling wallpaper, dimmed lights, and cracked paint in it. 

One of the first rooms you should go for when starting a renovation project (aside from the bathroom and kitchen) is the living room. It should actually be at the top of your priority list, simply because it’s the part of your home that will see the most people coming and going.


Renovating your living room can be much harder than it seems

However, in spite of having a clear goal (which is to revamp everything in sight), the process of renovating your living room can prove to be difficult because you probably don’t know where to start. Most people start by attacking the conceptualization phase as enthusiastically as possible but fall short come implementation time because they don’t actually know what they’re doing.

While figuring out where to start might prove to be a bit troubling, one key fact might help you kick things off. Your living room should be a retreat. You, your family, and your guests should be able to go there and kick back whenever you want. The living room acts as a communal place where everybody can come together to hang out or talk about anything and everything.


The areas you should be looking at

Although the entire conceptualization and immersion process might seem fun, nothing beats seeing results as soon as possible. If you’ve been wanting to speed up your living room renovation process, here are some factors to consider and prioritize:


The focal point of your entire living room

Every living room should have a spot or an area that should be the star of the show. Typically, focal points consist of fixtures or structural features such as a big bay window, a beautiful wall, or a red-brick fireplace. However, as the years go by, your living room’s focal point tends to lose its appeal and fade into the background. 

Applying quick fixes, such as removing the faded brick from your fireplace, swapping it with a set of natural stones, adding a new mantle to it, or giving the trim on your bay window a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference. 

When livening up your living room’s focal point, it’s important to think outside the box while keeping things tasteful, especially because it can make a huge impact on the aesthetic value of your living room.


Your flooring

If there’s anything that you may overlook when renovating your living room, it’s probably the flooring. This is because most people think that no one ever looks at it, but in reality, it’s one of the first things that people see when they enter your living room. When planning to overhaul your living room’s flooring, you must take three factors into consideration: the texture of your flooring, the material used, and the type of foot traffic that goes through it. By taking these important aspects of flooring into mind, it will be much easier to select what type of material you can go with. 

That, in turn, will ensure that your living room has a proper floor that looks great and gets the job done.


The lighting 

When it comes to setting the right mood in your home, the lighting that you use can make a big impact on it. After all, who would want to stay in a living room that looks like something out of a morgue or a horror movie because of poor lighting? 

The choice of lighting that you use for your living room can create a mood and atmosphere that will enliven the space. The right lighting can make it feel more accommodating for your guests and family members, keeping its functional and decorative purposes in mind.

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