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Our Guide to Buying a Home to Renovate With Your Spouse – What to Know

Toasty Blogger - July 5, 2019 - 0 comments

Buying a home is no joke. It entails wise decision-making, particularly if you are planning to purchase a home with your spouse. It’s a joint collaborative effort to arrive at a critical decision, despite the differences in personal preference and tastes. Not meeting halfway will lead to disagreements and thus, disappointments. The worse that this can do is to compromise the decision in choosing the right home for you and your spouse. If not resolved, this can even lead to years of arguments and homebuyers’ remorse in the long run. 

To avoid these unwanted circumstances, here’s a guide to help you buy the perfect home to renovate with your spouse:

The Importance of Wants and Needs

First off, it’s important to take note of your housing needs and wants. Although the home essentials are important, comfort, aesthetics, and personal taste should not be ignored. Unfortunately, you and your spouse may not always see eye to eye on this, despite being a couple. For this reason, it’s best to each independently write a list of your personal needs and wants for a house. This might include the number of bedrooms and baths, the presence of a basement, access to outdoor space, parking, an income suite, a big entertaining area, ideal square footage, and more. Once you are done, sit down together and compare your lists. Brainstorm, discuss and compromise until the two of you come up with one list that you are both happy with.


Home Type and Style

When it comes to home types, you and your spouse should agree on what house type you would like to live in. Do you prefer a condo, single-housing establishment, multi-housing establishment, or townhouse? In line with this is the style of the home that you and your spouse should discuss as well. Are you looking for a modern and contemporary home or one that is traditional? This is very crucial as each type and style of a home offers advantages and disadvantages, from price to location to maintenance to lifestyle to aesthetic beauty to comfort. You and your spouse should work together to make a choice that the two of you will be happy with for years to come.


The Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood should have a say in your decision making. While a family is the basic unit of a society, a community can indirectly and directly influence a family. This is particularly true if you have children, as they might be influenced by the neighbourhood. Also, you and your spouse may opt for accessibilities and all the amenities that the community can offer such as a coffee shop, the hottest restaurant, a park, a school, and other considerations. Hence, your family’s neighbourhood relationships; safety and security; and the immediate environment will make a great deal of difference.


Financial Matter

The financial aspects of buying a home is a top priority, among other considerations. You and your spouse need to look into your overall finances and budget if you can afford the housing costs and keep up with the mortgage in the long run. It’s essential to consider the buying cost, maintaining cost, closing costs, and other miscellaneous expenses. That said, where is your down payment coming from? How will you both contribute to the overall expenses? How much will each of you put towards the mortgage, taxes, and maintenance in the future?



Taking note of how long it will take before you and your spouse can close the deal is crucial. Once it’s been done, the loan term for the mortgage is yet another concern to deal with. Knowing the time frame of how long you plan to own the house or condo can help you and your spouse determine your budget. This will make it easier to make compromises. At the end of the day, you and your spouse should meet halfway when it comes to finances. Most couple relationships are ruined by financial misunderstandings.


Family Affairs

Finally, building a family is critical in decision making. You and your spouse may eventually want to have children and start a family if you haven’t already yet. Family affairs and concerns have a say in the number of bedrooms and bathrooms at home, the home space if it a bigger one or not, the location if there are nearby daycare or schools, the length of the commute to school or work, and so many other considerations.

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