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Materials to Consider When Creating a Staircase – Our Guide

Toasty Blogger - August 7, 2019 - 0 comments

How your staircase looks contributes to the overall appearance of your house. However, how do you choose the right one? Whether you are designing a new house or renovating an old one, there are several considerations, including the type of materials used to make the staircase. Here are some materials to choose from to help you make a good decision:



Wood is the most common material used in building a staircase. It’s a classic and a favourite because it is durable and works well with many interior design styles. Wood stairs are often made of oak and maple, but you can also consider ash, mahogany, or cherry woods. Whether you want a traditional theme, contemporary one, or rustic feel, wood can be versatile.



Some people may hesitate to use concrete for the stairs, thinking that it’s a crude material. However, concrete can be a better choice for modern and sleek designs. When you want a specific shape of stairs, concrete can be used to form anything you want. It is versatile and can be tinted in any colour and added with texture.



Glass material is not something that will come to mind first when thinking about the result of your staircase. Some may think that glass could easily break, but with technological advancements, a glass-tread stairway has become highly durable. A glass staircase will look elegant. It is also versatile, comes in various colours, and can be moulded in different shapes. The glass will go well with any decor.


Natural stone

Natural stone has grown in popularity over the past years because of its natural beauty. It is a great material for the staircase and can last for hundreds of years. Marble, granite, sandstone, and onyx are the common natural stones from which you can choose. They also go well with other materials.



If you have a utilitarian exterior, an industrial, or minimalist style home, a metal staircase will be a perfect fit. It is dynamic and comes in various colours, textures, and finishes. It will go well with wrought-iron railing and balusters.


Other considerations

Aside from the materials, one of the things to think about when choosing a staircase is your budget. It will be a big factor when deciding which material to use. Pick one that is cost-effective. Also, consider how much space you have, and think about a design that will not take so much space.

Safety is another concern to keep in mind, especially when you have small children. They should not be able to climb on the balusters. If you also have seniors in the family, you need to have landing plates and handrails.



A staircase is an integral part of your house. There are various materials from which you can choose. Aside from the looks, you must also consider their durability, functionality, and safety.

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