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Kitchen Renovations – Top Cabinet Trends for a Fall or Winter Renovation

Toasty Blogger - January 7, 2020 - 0 comments

If you’re planning to do a little winter home renovation, don’t forget to update your cabinets! The surfaces of your cupboards make more of an impact than you’d think. Just a few small changes can completely change the dynamic of your kitchen! It’s important for your cabinets to match the overall theme of your home. During your winter home renovation, take the opportunity to give them a modern makeover. This season, we see trends of warm tones, organic materials, and subtle accents. Whether you plan to repaint or replace your cabinets, use this guide to be inspired by stylish fall and winter ideas.

Fall and Winter Hues

This winter, give your cabinets a splash of colour so that they match your kitchens and set the holiday mood. You can opt for bright jewel tones for a more festive look or warm, earthy colours to make your space feel cozier. Below is a list of colours that are in trend this season:


Some people shun grey because they think the colour is dull and boring. However, grey-toned cabinets can make a room look luxurious and elegant. Grey also serves as an excellent background for this season’s sparkly accents. If you want to make your Christmas decor really stand out, set the bright and beautiful colours against plain greys!


This shade of green reminds people of chestnuts roasting on an open fire. This is a deep, dramatic colour that emits the feeling of warmth and coziness—perfect for the season. At the same time, it also makes a room look stylishly elegant and timeless. If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving party or the Christmas dinner, painting your cabinets in this jewel tone will add a special touch to your dining room and kitchen.


Sapphire is darker than your regular blue. It’s also more majestic and opulent. For a more intense ambiance, pair your sapphire cabinets with rustic brass hardware. If you want a more jolly mood, mix and match dark blues with other jewel tones.


Red is a traditional Christmas colour. Going darker creates a more vivid and vibrant appeal. If you don’t want to paint your cabinets, you can incorporate this colour by choosing red-toned woods. 

Glass Cabinets

Glass-door cabinets make your space feel more streamlined and modern. Aside from contributing to the aesthetic value, they serve a practical function by letting you see what’s inside at a glance. For this season, you can create different looks by choosing frames and glass textures. Frosted glass will look fantastic with most Christmas ornaments. If you’re not willing to change the glass’ surface permanently, consider texturized stickers and play with different designs.

Traditional Cabinets

Winter is a time for observing old family practices and nothing spells tradition the way intricate cabinets like Victorian and Belgian styles do. These antique styles are timeless and classic, but still chic and current. With their detailed carvings and solid materials, these cabinet styles are beautiful works of art that are also functional. If you have a couple of antique cabinets in your storage, refresh them and display them in your living areas this winter. They’d make an excellent addition to your decorations!

This season, the trend is going for timeless cabinets that evoke warmth while staying modern. Incorporate these cabinet styles into your home and have the merriest of celebrations!

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