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Kitchen Remodelling – What to Consider Before You Begin the Project

Elliot - December 30, 2019 - 0 comments

A kitchen remodelling project is a big and daunting undertaking and one that requires thorough and careful planning and considerations. While you are sourcing online ideas, poring through samples from magazines or the local decor shop, or gathering information from the experts, it is important to take a look at the bigger picture before you start embarking on this new journey. 

Consider the condition of the existing space you are working on, whether or not you are planning to expand, the cost of the overall renovation, and the workability of your current layout to be able to finalize on a concrete plan that you can stick to. Keep in mind that any type of remodelling, no matter how small or big, can easily get out of hand in terms of cost and size if there are no ground rules that were initially set in place. 

Given all the considerations and factors involved when starting on the kitchen remodelling project, there are some things you need to know before you start.

1. Kitchen remodelling is an expensive project

Whether you are doing a partial project, midrange job, kitchen expansion, or kitchen overhaul, this remodelling project will generally cost you more than what you expect. A 2017 survey from Remodeling Magazine’s Annual Cost vs Value Survey states that a mid-range kitchen remodelling will cost about $62,158 on average, while an upscale kitchen remodel will cost around $122,991. 

Generally speaking, you can spend less with careful planning. However, most people don’t realize the amount of work involved in kitchen renovation projects, especially when good-quality contractors using high-grade materials are hired for the job.

From a construction perspective, kitchen remodelling is one of the most expensive and complicated projects to plan and execute. They involve the most expensive components in a home, ranging from stone counters, floor tiles and backsplashes, fixtures, new custom cabinetry, or expensive appliances, among others. Plus, other things to do like raising the ceiling, relocating the kitchen sink, removing the walls to create that desired “open look,” expanding the footprints, and so on. The prices just keep soaring. 

Don’t blame your contractor if the expenses keep coming or if they finish up late, especially when you kept upgrading or adding a few enhancements along the way. Keep in mind that changes to the project will ultimately interrupt the rhythmic schedule of the project, extend the completion time, and add costs.

2. Kitchen remodelling is something you should not be doing on your own

As with any remodelling project, a kitchen remodelling project can be more complicated than they initially seem to be. Far beyond choosing tile patterns or wall colours, certain engineering considerations play a vital role in the design of your kitchen. Do not worry, as drafting blueprints will not be your job to handle. You can always seek help from expert remodelling contractors that will guide you through the whole process, from planning your dream design to budget considerations.

While kitchen remodelling may be an intense process, a licensed and skilled contractor will be able to make the process easier for you and help turn your dream kitchen into a reality. If you are looking for kitchen renovations services in Oakville, Ontario to help you make your dream home, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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