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How to Revamp Your Basement With These 4 Tips

Toasty Blogger - October 22, 2019 - 0 comments

Here is a modern conundrum that you probably experience just like everyone else: you have a basement at home, but you don’t exactly know how to maximize its use.

Most people try to use their basements as efficiently as possible, but what often happens is that they end up as nothing more than a storage space for old and unwanted items that might never see the light of day.

On the contrary, a basement can be used for various purposes, ranging from hobby rooms to extra resting areas. You can turn a basement into something more functional and useful than a lonely, dark, and cobweb-filled storage space. Instead of having to cram your family activities in the already limited space on the upper floors of your home, your basement can give you much-needed extra living space.

Here are a few exciting and amazing ideas that you can use to redesign your basement to serve as a fun space for everyone at home: 

Basement revamp tip #1: Touch up your walls with bright colours

Most basements have no windows, which means that they become the darkest rooms of every home—making them an undeniable mood killer. Fortunately, it is easy to brighten up your basement by using bright colours on your walls, such as bright yellow, blue, or pink. 

Basement revamp tip #2: Install multiple levels of lighting

For some homeowners, a simple overhead lighting setup is more than enough to bring light in the room. While it may seem like a few hanging lights may work as sufficient substitutes for the absence of natural light, they can make your basement look like a set from a horror movie. 

To make sure that your basement looks lively enough where you can have fun, you can install multiple levels of lighting, such as floor lamps and table lamps, to mimic natural lighting.

Basement revamp tip #3: Break up the basement space

Some basements are large enough to make it feel overwhelming. To make it feel cozy, you can divide up your basement in different areas for different activities and needs. For example, you can have a movie area on one side of the basement and have a small bar or wine cellar set up on the other—the possibilities are endless! 

Basement revamp tip #4: Make your basement an extension of yourself

Make your basement feel like it’s really a part of your home by customizing it as an extension of yourself or your family. You can add vintage signs, photographs, posters, neon lights, and just about anything that screams “you” all over your basement to make it feel homier. Additionally, you can make basement decoration a family activity by getting everybody to participate in the revamp process.

Every basement has the potential to be more than just a storage space, so you must capitalize on that. With these four basement revamping tips, you can turn your dusty old basement into an area that every member of your family can use for fun and other purposes. 

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