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Converting Your Garage Into Extra Living Space – Home Renovation 101

Toasty Blogger - September 1, 2019 - 0 comments

Today, garages aren’t only meant to park your cars any more. This is especially true if you’re living in big cities where space is a precious commodity. Often, you won’t be able to find places to store your household items, and this is where the garage comes into good use. However, many people have turned their garage into cluttered areas. Here are two ways you can renovate your garage to maximize storage.


1 – Converting Your Garage

If you can get by without parking your car in the garage and parking at the driveway or street instead, you can consider converting your garage into another storage room.


1.1 Extended Living Space

The most magnificent and creative ideas will turn the garage into something no one ever thought was a garage in the first place. Essentially, you can set the garage into any living space. A great way to help decide what room the garage will become is to see what your house is lacking. Do you need more storage for kitchen equipment? Do you want to start an indoor garden? Whatever it is, your garage is more than capable of fitting your needs.

Do not forget that there are a few things to consider when renovating. Make sure the walls, floors, and ceiling are properly insulated to retain warm temperatures inside during winters and cool temperatures during summer. You should replace the garage doors with a solid wall and add windows and a door. Also, it is crucial to talk with your hired renovator or designer in regards to building permits. Make sure it meets your local standards and codes, and most importantly, is energy efficient.


2 – Add more space

If you treat your car like a baby or a prized possession, then you surely won’t leave it parked under the weather. Most people have run into problems where their garage is way too cluttered to fit their car inside. If what you want is to fit your vehicle in the garage, then you will need to revise your storage plans. Not only will this affect your garage, but your entire property. For the most part, if you’re going to add more room for storage, it is highly recommended to consider vertical storage solutions. If you’re able to get your hands on custom-made storage, then that will be a massive benefit for you.

Take a look around and examine the available space. Do you have room in your basement? Are you able to add a shed at the backyard? These are excellent places to store your items, but make sure that you save efficiently.

In the end, your final decision is to add extra space to your property. Sometimes, what you have isn’t enough, and by adding, you get the extra space needed by you and your family.

If you’re going to renovate your home or convert your garage, always remember to ask the experts. With their insights and advice, you will be able to choose the best possible solution to get that much needed extra space.

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