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Things To Look Out For When Renovating Your Kitchen

Dan Hoffman - May 30, 2019 - 0 comments

So you’ve made the decision to start your kitchen renovation, gone through the process of evaluating home improvement options and you’re met with two wildly different quotes. Which is the better option? That’s up for you to decide but here are some things to consider that may aid your decision making process.


When you’re thinking about the quality of materials used in creating your dream kitchen many people overlook where it’s coming from.

For instance, if you selected to have hardwood flooring in your kitchen it’d make sense to also select wood for your millwork. But to have millwork produced domestically could drastically increase the upfront cost, so your home improvement provider may choose to import. This could negatively impact the quality of your kitchen renovation.

When wood is imported it swells which could damage the final product which not only is this not aesthetically pleasing but could end up actually costing more in the long run with service and time.

Custom vs Customized

These are two very similar words that mean two very different things. It’s important to understand the difference because it will not only effect the price but also the scope of your kitchen renovation.


This will be completely custom cabinetry that’s built to the exact specifications and offer almost unlimited shapes, sizes and colour.


Customized cabinets are a more cost effective option and while they are not completely custom they can often be adjusted to fit your kitchen. However, if you select this option there are limitations based on the brand and style you select.

Scope, Time and Budget

With all project based work there needs to be a balance between the scope, time and budget. They are not independent of one another and a good way to look at them is as an equilateral triangle.

For all sides of the triangle to remain a equal if one side increases the other sides must increase as well.

That means if the scope of your project increases then it’s safe to assume the timeline will be effected as well as the budget on your project. If you’re asking for the moon then you have to respect the time and money it takes to build the rocket to get there.

Hopefully this blog has helped you with your considerations during your kitchen renovation. If you’d like a more hands on approach with our expertise in mind schedule a free consultation below.

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