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4 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Door for Your Home

Toasty Blogger - August 14, 2019 - 0 comments

When renovating any part of your house, you may have thought about replacing the door. Doors are simple; all they do is open and close. However, there are many other aspects you’ll have to consider (other than opening and closing) when purchasing the right door. Here are four tips to help you buy the right door to include in your home renovation.


1 – Composition

The most important thing to consider about how the composition of the door is whether it is a solid or hollow core. Doors that have hollow cores are generally lighter and cheaper but not always secure. This type of door is perfect for indoor use, where privacy is needed. Rooms such as bathrooms usually have hollow core doors installed. For exterior use, solid core doors are preferable as they are more secure, strong, and heavy but are also pricier than the hollow counterpart. For rooms with doors that serve as home entrances, a solid door provides security and durability. This type of door will withstand the outdoor elements and daily wear and tear.


2 – Coating

Your doors must be able to cope with weather changes, from rain to snow to heat. A constant bombardment of wet, cold, and hot will take a toll on any door. In any case, your door must be adequately coated to make sure it lasts. When purchasing new doors, they usually come painted and sealed, but take note of how long the coating lasts. When you are buying a door, plan a schedule to maintain it. This way, it can last long or even longer than its intended lifespan. It is also recommended that you do all your projects during the fall before winter.  When the coating wears away, the wood can expand, jamming it in place. The door locks may also jam, making it difficult to lock and unlock. If your door is completely sealed, this is dangerous because you won’t be able to exit through the door if an emergency happens. Also, a jammed door cannot close properly. This contributes to your electricity bills and compromises your home’s overall security.


3 – Installation

The vast majority of newer doors use 3-cm wood screws for its hinges. However, grab some 8-cm screws to make sure that the hinges are correctly secured. Poorly installed hinges can cause your door to sag, compromising security. A simple change of screws can overall improve your door. It doesn’t cost much, but it makes a significant difference.


4 – Locks

Even if your area doesn’t have that many issues with crimes, locks are a vital feature for doors. Other than security, safety must also be considered. For example, if your bathroom door locks are too secure, it can be hazardous. What you want to have are bathroom doors that can be unlocked from the outside in emergencies.

Exterior door locks should not have double cylinder locks if it is an emergency exit. All doors part of a home evacuation plan should be able to be unlocked without any key or another tool. However, as security is always number one, make sure your deadbolts are pick-resistant. Make sure that they are drill-protected and not near a window where a criminal can break through your glass and unlock from the other side.

A door should never be neglected during your home renovation. Not only should you consider doors that provide security, but they should stand the test of time.

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