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2019 Kitchen Trends: What Designs to Look for

Elliot - September 11, 2019 - 0 comments


For a kitchen overhaul, now is the best time to take your kitchen aesthetics and functionality to the next level. First, you want your home’s kitchen to be as inviting and appealing as possible. This is where the whole family spends quality time while conversing over tasty meals. Second, you want a place that is efficient for a seamless and conducive for preparing food for the whole family.

To achieve these two, you have to keep up with the kitchen design trends this 2019. Consider incorporating some of these appealing and functional kitchen design trends. Keep reading to find out what trends to integrate for your kitchen.


Play with Pops of Color

When it comes to a kitchen look, the rule of thumb is to have an open, clean approach. However, stay from this common design. This year, you can expect bits of colour popping out in white-coloured kitchens. Prepare to paint your accent wall, install a colourful backsplash, or play with pops of colour to brighten up your kitchen space.


Opt for Quartz Countertops

For your kitchen countertop, you can opt for quartz. It has been taking over more and more kitchens these days because it is durable, has low maintenance, and it’s more affordable than marble and granite. Also, it enhances the aesthetics of the room.


Be Open to Open Shelving

Open shelving has been around for many years. This year, however, many homeowners, see open shelving is a more viable option. This is because it is an excellent approach to showcase your attractive dishes and keeps dishes and kitchen items within reach. Also, it creates an airy, open look for your kitchen. 


Remove Kitchen Cabinet Handles

As open shelving starts taking most households, many homeowners are now removing their kitchen cabinets. This is because many people have started leaning towards minimalist design. If you still want to maintain cabinets without the handles, you can install cut-out handles or opt for indents along the base of the cabinet door.


Bring Colors to Stoves and Hoods

When it comes to stoves and hoods, you can opt for jewel-toned blue, calm pastels, or bright primary colours for a positive repercussion in your kitchen look.


Go for Matte Appliances and Cabinets

For your appliances, cabinets, and kitchen furniture, go for matte and stay away from the glossy and shiny look. This is because matte appliances and cabinets complement well with most of the kitchen items and materials. Surely, this approach won’t look outdated soon, and it will stick around for a long time.


Choose Spanish and Moroccan Tiles

Subway tiles have always been used for kitchens but are not becoming ordinary. At this juncture, choose Spanish and Moroccan tiles, as the colour, design, and pattern can significantly impact the overall look and appearance of your kitchen.


Integrate Smart Technology

With the rise of technology, it’s best to integrate smart technology in your kitchen. For kitchen efficiency and functionality, look for smart appliances, remote-control lights, and many more. It’s time to take advantage of and make the most out of smart technology.


Last Words

Now that we’ve listed some kitchen design trends this year, it’s time to start with your kitchen remodel project and witness how it will enhance your kitchen look and overall design!


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